About SportCaddy

Where do you store your sport shoes at home or in your car?

How do you take your dirty or wet sports shoes with you?

How do you make people feel proud?

SportCaddy is the new hard-case storage box and shoe bag in one, including your photo on top of it. 

Ideal for taking your sports shoes with you or for storing them neatly at home.

No more grass, mud, sand or dirt in your car or in your closet at home. 

About SportCaddy


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Design your Caddy

Everybody can order its personalized SportCaddy with a full color high resolution photo on top of it.

A convenient sports present with a personal touch!

The price of a personalized SportCaddy is € 24,95 including VAT and excluding delivery.

The DHL delivery costs are € 7,95 within The Netherlands and € 14,95 within western Europe.

We need about 10 working days for making your SportCaddy and DHL

needs about 3 to 4 working days to deliver the Caddy to your door.

Ordering is easy and goes fast via our order form.

Design your SportCaddy

Sportcaddy afbeelding 1170 x 600 001

Wall of Fame

My shoes, my story, my glory!

SportCaddy is not only about the content, but about the context.

Take a look at the sportCaddy Wall of Fame and see for yourself how SportCaddy makes people feel proud!

SportCaddy Wall of Fame

Sportcaddy Football afbeelding 1170 x 600 003Business

How do you connect your company or brand durably to people?

How do you make sports life easier and change people into your fans?

SportCaddy is ideal for sport sponsoring and brand activation campaigns,

as wel as for various merchandising purposes.

Create your tailor-made SportCaddy in your own colors and with your brand communcation on top of it.

Interested? Want to know more?

Read more about it or contact us directly via e-mail!

SportCaddy in business

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